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Resources Ill-Equipt to handle Chain Migration

A Case against Chain Migration Policies

the purpose of this article is not to spread animosity toward any specific group. However, facts are cited which may lead toward a misunderstanding.
In short: the message herein pertains to the realistic issue of Chain migration and its negative consequences. In some cases, it was necessary to mention ethnicities within the context.

Regarding the issue of Chain Migration & Illegal Immigration: (version 2.1)

1) Other countries have strict rules which employ harsh penalties for lawbreakers. This also includes illegal trafficking.
For example: Mexico enforces border patrol against other less-wealthy Latin countries.

2) For those who use the argument of multiculturalism.
the Spanish-Speaking community comprises 80% of the entire Western Hemisphere.

3) Some groups speak frankly regarding the so-called crimes committed by Caucasians. This rule could easily apply to other peoples. For example, The Aztecs & Conquistadors, as well as, every major civilization throughout history.

4) If Britain had lost three days of warfare in 1588,
the landscape of America would be quite different.
And the victors would've never allowed outsiders to enter.

5) Many activists allow reckless immigration policies because they favor specific peoples. If Illegal aliens instead primarily came from Ukraine or Germany, the media would have Quickly exposed the issue. ---Instead of waiting 16 years.

6) 21st Century American politics are harsh & severe.
They never offer leniency.
But ironically, the majority of Legislators support full-blown amnesties for illegals. (barring 2/3 majority)

7) Democrats support reckless immigration.
Yet ironically, most immigrants are opposed to their ideals.
For example:
they take positions against welfare, social programs, affirmative action, homosexual relations.
This all suggests The Leftists are deliberately tampering with our election process.
In the hopes of gaining millions of extra votes.

9) Many immigrants are very rebellious against the American system.

10) If you've traveled this world,
it's quite noticeable that most peoples are hostile toward outsiders.
Thus, it's not realistic to demand open-mindedness toward chain migration policies.

11) upon visiting many foreign countries,
it's amazing how little diversity exists.
It suggests that they have no tolerance.

12) People are taught to have open attitudes toward liberal immigration policies.
However, such degree of tolerance can actually weaken a society.
This has affected the outcome of several nations, in the past.
For example:

The Empire in Rome most likely ended,
due to low numbers of natural-born inhabitants.

The Spanish empire was built upon a singular ideal excluding Muslims; which actually led to their success.

Nations, such as China, intend to maintain their identity for millenia to come.
And, of course, Middle Eastern Nations will hold onto their identity, as well.
PLUS, the South American nations.

13) Americans are required to practice tolerence.
However, few nations share this ideal.
The collective appearance of most countries remains Undiverse.
It's a common preference of most societies.
(In simple terms: it's a double-standard).

14) Large increases of peoples will certainly NOT solve the environmental issues.

15) In some ways,
it's patronizing to regard entrance to America as someone's only refuge.
Which suggests, entire societies are beyond any other hope.

16) many illegals are sorry they ever came here.
The Rich have mostly benefited from their presence.
Americans have high respect for other nations and cultures.
But it's not necessary to conjoin with other nations.
Just because we 'get along with' other people,
there's no reason to meld into one global society.

17) Many people consider it Racist to preserve American language and culture.
But, every society would preserve their identity, if the situation was reversed.

18) If someone opposes chain migration,
it's automatically assumed there's an attitude of hatred.
But, in truth,
few Americans began addressing the issue until the situation became severe.
This should eliminate any accusations of hatred & racism.

19) Everyone in this world deserves to be happy,
BUT, everybody can't settle in America.
[Other countries must become more self-sufficient]

20) Previous generations of immigrants assimilated better.
Showing no cultural resemblance whatsoever to their native country.
In other words: They rapidly blended into the American culture.
but Sadly, it seems: the same rule no longer applies.
Currently, there's less willingness on their part, to adapt.

21) The USCIS shows preference for immigrants who are least adaptable.

22) Immigrants try to dictate their own terms of immigration. If this is allowed, they would decide to petition for their own people. It shouldn't be their decision.

23) Unfortunately, race is often a factor during elections. Although many voters are unbiased, this same rule doesn't always apply. For example: An Irish American Republican will routinely vote for Anglican Protestant Americans within his party; rather than voting for an Irish Catholic Democrat. However, many groups remain loyal to their ethnic heritage. Face the facts, many people DO.

24) Illegal aliens work VERY hard, for Low pay, doing Dangerous work. And they're willing to work extra hours, WITHOUT getting paid. It's no wonde, Corporations who hire them claim to be "open minded". More Accurately: these employers just want someone who'll serve them. ---And this contradicts their ideas regarding the gap imposed by the wealthy against the poor.

25) Believe it or not, African Americans (etc.) have negatively felt this onslaught More Than Anyone, since illegal aliens tend to settle in their communities. Should the Progressives be considered Traitors ?

26) Mexicans tend to AGREE with Conservative political beliefs. Yet, they will ultimately vote for those who support their amnesty. Here are the implications: Extremists will use their vote, in order to gain power. Then once elected, these elected officials will push a larger agenda. Mostly unrelated to this issue. (example: pushing for mandatory Curfew laws, or mandatory parenting classes, consensual sex contracts, etc etc.

27) News Legend Walter Cronkite was quoted as saying, "Most Americans Are Too Ignorant to Vote".

28) Activists promote massive immigration from Non-European countries.
In literal terms: They discriminate against Europeans, as well as Atheistic Peoples (Dutch, Russians, Etc.). Yet ironically, their quota should support anti-religious nations. In other words: This gives cause for Suspicion.

29) Furthermore, Progressives invite immigrants from the harshest, strictest, and most unusual cultures. The USCIS also practices this incompetence.
Ultimately proving: there's a chaotic element to their whole logic.

30) and MOST importantly: We all SUPPORTED the 1st AMNESTY of 1986. In which case; Edward Kennedy declared it to be the last & only amnesty given.

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deleted material.-the below material was never completed in the original article.
However, there's still alot of good stuff here.

A--It's the Wealthy who benefit most from Mass Immigration. ********
They trigger conflict and strife between the lower social classes.

B--On a simple note: it's just plain wrong to enter this country illegally.

C--Or, I could point out the fact that they speak a completely different language, and have no intention of changing.

D--But instead, I can give a first hand account of their conduct, since I'm in a profession which surrounds me with Illegals.
I am treated as an outsider. Plus, they have no regard for our laws or rules. And have overall disrespect for our culture.----

E--Many legal immigrants also display prejudice attitudes, as well.
Foreigners who own small-businesses only hire within their own ethnicity. And they block-out the existing populations in their daily business. You've probably seen this, first hand. Right?----
In short, They're racists
F--Also, no single ethinic group should enter America in disproportionately large numbers.----

G--Plus, it's a better idea to only reward those who best adapt to our culture. ----

H--Regarding the politicians who decide otherwise:: I ask, who gives them authority to decide such matters without public approval?

(I)---- Moreso, a few states, such as New York yield too much power in deciding these issues.----

J--The pro-amnesty forces are contradicting their own ideals regarding population growth. (Ironically, most Americans are discouraged from settling down, marrying and having children.) Yet in contrast, our current trend of reckless migration will stress our resources and promote rapid damage to the environment as well. It's rather odd how "activists" would promote such an irresponsible idea. ----

K--Many illegal aliens believe in the concept "Rule by mass Populous".
They also believe there should be no limitations regarding the numbers of those who enter.

L--Plus, no screening and no decisions whatsoever on the part of our government.----

M--Since the 18oo's, some immigrants have proven to be more troublesome than others. Namely those who fail to assimilate.----

N--Let's also talk about the "immigration double standard". Many foreigners believe it's okay to migrate abroad, but, it's not acceptable for others to do the same. Whereas, Americans DON'T have the same opportunities to settle into hostile foreign territories.----

(O)--Many who enter this country legally will then petition for others. They also promote mass-migration from their native geographic location. Most specifically choose to celebrate their own ethnic heritage. And they really don't care about anyone else. ----

N-- Obviously, we should not allow passage to anyone who bears anomosity toward us, or for anyone who seeks reparation.
Nor should we accept anyone who claims their presence is necessary. (Suggesting that we cannot sufficiently take care of ourselves.)----(in other words: some people claim "We NEED the illegal aliens".

O-- We should also consider that many people migrate from very [strict] societies. And it's inevietable, these practices will transfer into America. For example: harsh working conditions.------ (update: THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN BEFORE THE ECONOMIC DECLINE OF 2008. SINCE FIRST RELEASING THIS BLOG; THE MIDDLE CLASS HAS BEEN VANISHING FROM THE USA)

P--America cannot become a multi-language society. Also consider, the Spanish language was introduced by the Conquistadors.----- (disclaimer: I am not anti-Spanish. But instead, I'm merely dismissing claims of oppression which warrants reparation).

Q-- ******We should also be concerned with inadequate food supply to feed the masses.-----DUH !

R--Ironically, the government has played a minimal role regarding this issue. Even though, they're able to maintain strict control over all private industry.
In other words: THE US GOVERNMENT is invasive. Yet, they practice near anarchy in Mass Migration policies------

Letter R could vastly be expanded upon.
Have YOU ever been in trouble with the law?
Have you ever dealt with unpaid parking tickets, or traffic infractions?
Does your State have laws which punish sexual activity amongst minors?
Is there a risk of punishment for teenagers for sending Lewd Text Messages, or emails ?
Have you ever gotten into trouble with the I.R.S. for small errors on your tax return ?
Do you get questioned by the police, without warning ?
Do you get stopped by police, even though you've done nothing wrong ?

If you answered YES to all these questions; then obviously Big Brother is watching you.

Since our government has become invasive; why then do we have lax immigration policies?


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